Empowering Brands, One Experience at a Time.

In today’s dynamic marketplace, brands are more than just logos or slogans; they are experiences that form the heartbeat of businesses. At BX Studio, we understand the power of these experiences and their potential to shape perceptions and drive loyalty. From our inception, we’ve been committed to transforming brands into immersive experiences that captivate and inspire. Journey with us as we delve into the ethos of BX Studio, a place where brand empowerment takes center stage and every interaction counts.

Eine Illustration vom Kollegium von BX Studio

History of BX Studio

In 2019, a group of brand enthusiasts and visionary creatives came together with a shared dream: to revolutionize the way brands communicate and connect. Recognizing the ever-evolving digital landscape and the profound impact of meaningful brand interactions, the idea of BX Studio was born. Over the years, we’ve grown to a boutique agency in the city of Hamburg, yet our core mission remains unchanged: to craft, engage, and amaze. Now 2023, we want to take the next obvious step and present BX Studio to the WWW.


At the heart of BX Studio lies a simple yet profound philosophy: every brand has a soul. It’s not just about logos, colors, or campaigns; it’s about the essence that makes a brand unique. We delve deep, seeking to understand this essence, and then we bring it to life through experiences that resonate. We believe in the power of storytelling, the magic of innovation, and the importance of authenticity.

BX Studio Mission

Our mission is threefold:

Craft with precision and passion: Every touchpoint, every interaction, every moment is an opportunity. We seize these opportunities to design experiences that mirror a brand’s true spirit.

Engage genuinely and deeply: In an age of fleeting attention, we aim to capture hearts. We strive to create interactions that not only capture attention but also foster long-lasting connections.

Amaze at every turn: Complacency isn’t in our dictionary. At BX Studio, we push boundaries, challenging ourselves and our clients to venture beyond the expected, to astonish and inspire.

Meet the BX Studio Team

At BX Studio, we pride ourselves on the collective brilliance and individual uniqueness of our team members. Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and passion to the table, ensuring that our clients receive the best in brand experience.

Omid Nezam

Director Brand & UX
With over a decade of experience in the branding industry, Omid’s visionary approach has been the driving force behind BX Studio’s most iconic projects. When he’s not sketching out the next big idea, you can find him exploring burger restaurants or crafting some stuff for his holiday home.

Naweed Nezam

Director Social-Media
A creative genius with an analytical mind. Naweed ensures that every campaign hits its mark. With his in-depth understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, he’s the secret weapon behind our most successful brand revamps. Off the clock, he’s a chef master cooking stunning dishes.

Our Legacy

Success isn’t just measured in numbers but in the stories we help tell and the relationships we cultivate. Over the years, BX Studio has had the privilege of collaborating with diverse brands, from budding startups to established industry leaders. Each project has been a testament to our commitment, passion, and the transformative power of tailored brand experiences. Browse through our curated selection of case studies and testimonials to witness the BX Studio impact firsthand.
Take a look at our services and see how we transform brands with creativity and expertise. Join us on a journey of brand excellence.